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Welcome to The Devon Grandparents Support Group It is estimated that over one million children in the UK are denied contact with their grandchildren due to family breakdown, but this is not specific to the UK it is a global problem. Family breakdown occurs for a variety of reasons, separation and divorce, family feud, violence in the home, drug and alcohol dependency and bereavement. Every child should have the right to a loving and caring relationship with their grandparents unless it is proven unsafe for the child. The Role of Grandparents When you are faced with the heartbreaking situation we find ourselves in, you think it is only you, that no-one else is experiencing your feelings of desolation, but of course you are not alone.  The grandparents that we have spoken to all say the same thing, that to be able to talk to others is so helpful; before they felt so isolated. Like being a parent for the first time, no-one tells you how to do it, you do it by making mistakes and learning by those mistakes.  Being a grandparent is no different; no-one tells you how to play this important role, the trouble is that when you make mistakes it can have catastrophic consequences. A wrong word, a misunderstood look is sometimes enough for it to start to fall apart.  In a perfect world we would all be respectful of one another, make allowances, be caring, but sadly this is not a perfect world, people are busy, they are anxious, the outlook is uncertain, but we ALL still need other human beings in our lives. As a grandparent remember how it was when you were a parent for the first time?  Be there to be supportive, but try not to interfere.  Allow your children to make the same mistakes you made and to learn from them; think your own thoughts but leave, just as thoughts, not the spoken word. What information will I find here? The aim of this site is to inform people of the issues surrounding Grandparents and their rights to see their Grandchildren, when contact has been denied. Hopefully our site will give you some relevant information and also someone to contact to discuss your issues.  We are in no way giving legal advice, but more of a helping hand, based on experience.
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